WdK Workshop: Unstable Energy. Unbounded Potential.

This year’s workshop at Willem de Kooning Academy in Rotterdam was named Unstable Energy. Unbounded Potential., which I found incredibly accurate. Energy levels certainly fluctuated throughout this 3.5-day workshop, but all projects ended up successfully showing a great proof of concept and potential. Here's a day-by-day recap of my group's project development.

Some Thesis Inspiration from Dutch Design Week…

Given my thesis project is about the anthropocene, I looked for a lot of inspiration at Dutch design week in terms of anthropocene-related things, as well as exhibition design and general ways of thinking. Here are some of my favorite projects that influenced me in some way, shape, or form for thesis and/or Unravel the Code project.

Dutch Design Week 2019: Expectations versus Reality

Before the trip, we were asked to list 6 places we wanted to visit while at the event. Several were as amazing as expected, and some didn’t live up to expectations… Of course, there were many places that I liked (and even discovered, as I meandered!) that aren’t on this list. But for the 6 I set out to see, here are my impressions.

My Top 10 Favorites of Dutch Design Week 2019

It's been a busy yet inspiring time thus far in the Netherlands! Over the next few days, I'll be writing a recap of what I saw at DDW, expectations vs. reality of the 6 places I had planned on going to at DDW, and documentation from our Rotterdam workshop, so stay tuned. For now, here are my top ten favorite projects from Dutch Design Week 2019.

Midterm Presentation + Timeline

Today we presented our midterm process for our projects! It was great to see everyone's concepts. I talked about my background in seeking out connections with the environment, such as as a kid, to studying many types of biology in undergrad, to now--looking at what it means to be human in the anthropocene.

Dutch Design Week Plans

Dutch Design Week is (nearly) here!! I looked through the program and have planned on going many places. Here are six of the places I'm planning on visiting while at Dutch Design Week.

Meeting with Nicholle Mogavero

A couple of weeks ago, Alan mentioned that he had a friend that specialized in mourning jewelry, which is incredibly specific and happens to apply directly to my project for Unravel! I met with Nicholle, aka the Jewelry Nerd (also on Instagram) on Saturday 10/12 to talk more in detail about memento mori, jewelry with secret meanings (such as acrostics and lover’s eye), and everything in between.